Chicago Cannabis Delivery

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Chicago Cannabis Delivery

Chicago Cannabis Company® is pleased to partner with Chicago-based Green Dynasty, LLC on local delivery of CBD and hemp products. Green Dynasty is a courier service based out of the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. Their mission is to provide excellent delivery services throughout the city of Chicago with an emphasis on customer service and efficiency.

Efficient Route Planning: Next-day Delivery

Using route planning software, Green Dynasty's team can plan each next-day route as efficiently as possible. Orders are added to the queue and routes are efficiently planned to reduce idle time and emissions while allowing customers to schedule their delivery ahead of time. Their system will send you a text when your order is on its way, and you can even track it all the way to your doorstep. Green Dynasty cannabis delivery service utilizes a fleet of low-impact vehicles to deliver your favorite cannabis products around the city.

About Green Dynasty

Green Dynasty delivers CBD and smoking devices to consumers' front door. With the Illinois recreational cannabis bill passed and ready to take effect at the beginning of 2020, Green Dynasty LLC is positioned to expand into a full-fledged cannabis transportation service: from cultivator to dispensary, cultivator to infuser, and infuser to dispensary. By entering the hemp CBD industry, the company is able to build upon its experience as an urban courier service.

Meet the Team

Angelo Leslie, Founder
Angelo Leslie started Green Dynasty in January of 2019, with the idea of providing a convenient service to customers who use CBD products. Growing up, Angelo has always been passionate about the cannabis industry. Angelo is a daily advocate of social equity rights in this industry and believes that Green Dynasty can lead by example; by building a successful company in the industry, he hopes to inspire others with a similar background to start their own endeavors within the cannabis industry. Listen to Angelo's latest interview on the "On Something Podcast" about Legal Weed As Reparations.

Charell Alexander, Partner

Charell is a founding member of Green Dynasty LLC. Charell has an extensive medical background with her bachelors nursing degree obtained from Chamberlain University. Charell brings a unique perspective from working in the healthcare industry, directly with oncology patients, and seeing the positive benefits of CBD/cannabis products, specifically for pain relief, sleep management, and appetite stimulation. Her ultimate goal is to help as many people as she can through cannabis-assisted therapy.

Anaís Harvest, Partner

Anaís, who goes by her brand name Auntie Trill, recently took her leap into the cannabis industry during the summer of 2019 with the launch of her own online store. With the cannabis industry rapidly growing in Chicago, she is working with Green Dynasty's courier service to provide a safe and secure way to complete local deliveries.