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While many of the entrepreneurial skills acquired in running a successful "black market" (informal) cannabis business will be applicable to the legal cannabis industry, small business owners in the informal market may find it difficult to remain relevant and profitable in a legal market. The opportunity to have a successful enterprise and make money on the informal market will become less and less viable as the legal market expands and new companies enter the industry. Underground cannabis entrepreneurs may opt to join the ranks of the legal industry.

Although informal market cultivators and distributors will continue to exist in a legal cannabis industry, the potential for a profitable cannabis business, even one that may currently operate successfully in a scarce market, will dwindle as "big business" inevitably takes over the legal cannabis industry.

How do we collectively prepare to compete with large corporations that will inevitably drive down the price of cannabis on a gram by gram basis? Will small businesses be able to compete or even survive with a significant decline in per-gram cannabis prices?

Additionally, under current, more conservative legislation, people with drug-related felony charges on their record are likely to be excluded from the legal cannabis industry. This will disproportionately affect minorities, especially the black community, as Blacks have been historically three or four times more likely than whites to be arrested for cannabis possession. How can lawmakers and industry leaders ensure that entrepreneurs of color are included in the expanding industry, addressing the issues of unjust incarceration and unequal access to capital?

Our value proposition

We have no ambition in becoming a commercial cannabis giant that can then undercut and ultimately force small growers and family-owned farms out of the industry. On the contrary, our impressum or company motto is “Collaboration over Competition.” We want to create mutually beneficial partnerships that will allow craft cannabis farms and small businesses to thrive.

Chicago Cannabis Co. plans to establish an incubator to provide startup funds and consulting advice to people of color looking to start their own cannabis businesses. The incubator will operate as a community space for entrepreneurs to learn, network, and grow while receiving the benefit of fellowship, professional consulting advice, and physical space to kickstart their operation.

What we can provide

  • Facilities
  • Business Education
  • Compliance Advice
  • Distribution
  • Leasing of Equipment
  • Insurance

    Perhaps you are a small business owner and would like to expand your business or receive advice on marketing and product development. Perhaps you already have an idea for a business and need a facility or you already have a product and need help expanding your reach and distribution network. These are just some of the benefits that the Chicago Cannabis Company can offer.

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