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CBD Hemp Seed Blend

CBD Hemp Seed Blend

Chicago Cannabis Company

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Organic Hemp Seed Blend

These organic, hulled hemp seeds, also called hemp hearts, will provide you with a wide variety of essential fatty and amino acids, minerals, and more protein (25% of its calories) than chia and flax seeds. Because hemp seed contains all the essential amino acids, it is considered a complete protein, and because our bodies do not naturally produce all of these amino acids, it is important we receive them through a balanced diet. Compared to other plant proteins, hemp seeds have a better digestibility than most legumes, nuts, and grains due to being rich in both a soluble and insoluble fiber.

Being high in the amino acid arginine, which helps our blood vessels relax through the creation of nitric oxide, hemp seeds can help lower blood pressure and reduce risks of heart diseases. Our immune systems respond well with a balanced diet of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, and hemp seed possesses the optimal 3:1 ratio. This ratio can help us achieve not only strong immunity, but also help nourish and hydrate dry, itchy skin.

Hemp seeds are great for snacking due to their delicate, nutty flavor and ease of consumption. They make the perfect addition to essentially any dish by adding a nutritional, crunchy texture to your food. There’s no need to whip up your favorite foods either; a handful of hemp hearts make a tasty snack on the go.

Preparation Considerations:

Eat hemp seeds everyday to cater to your heart, brain, muscles, and skin. Add to your granola, smoothies, salads, on their own, and maybe other ways. Each two tablespoons of hemp seeds contains approximately 50 mg of hemp-extract.

Servings: 5 servings at 4 oz per pouch