CBD-infused Honey
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CBD-infused Honey

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Chicago Cannabis Company is proud to partner with Westside Bee Boyz, LLC on CBD-infused honey. Each ounce of honey is infused with full spectrum hemp extract, containing 50 mg CBD and other useful cannabinoids. The combination of honey and CBD is the best of all the things: sweet, delicious, nutritious, and healing.

  • Each 6 oz. jar contains 300 mg of CBD or approximately 8 mg of cannabinoids per teaspoon

Chicago Cannabis Company has collaborated with Westside Bee Boyz to bring you locally-sourced CBD-infused honey. Founded in 2014, Westside Bee Boyz has grown from managing hives to owning their own apiary in Chicago's southwest suburbs with over 50 hives. Westside Bee Boyz prides themselves on taking a natural approach to beekeeping by avoiding potentially harmful chemicals.

Westside Bee Boyz aims to strengthen local honey bee populations and produces honey from a wide variety of floral sources. Westside Bee Boyz continues to manage hives across the Chicagoland area. 

"The bees have taught me about the importance of community, working alongside others, and living a purpose-driven life." —Westside Bee Boyz founder Thad Smith

Westside Bee Boyz founder Thad Smith, an urban apiarist,  is now working toward a larger vision of “social justice through entrepreneurship.” He hopes to develop the resources to promote beekeeping apprenticeships in communities such as North Lawndale.

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