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CBD Matcha Blend

CBD Matcha Blend

Chicago Cannabis Company

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Organic Green Tea Matcha Blend

Our organic, infused matcha, which consists of finely ground young Japanese tea leaves and high-quality hemp extracts, makes a tea that is smooth, delicious, and aromatic. This matcha powder is a healthier alternative to your morning coffee that will leave you calm and focused throughout the day. Other possible added benefits are healthy lipid and blood sugar levels, decrease in inflammation, and immunity support. Hemp can stretch these benefits as studies show several of its properties have potential for aiding in inflammation and relieving anxiety.

Although its popularity is on the rise, matcha has been a time-tested, nourishing plant originally used in Japanese tea ceremonies that celebrate and strengthen family and community bonds. When using matcha, you are tapping into a similar sense of grace and respect that this tea was originally used for centuries ago. Drinking matcha during these ceremonies implied these four principles: harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. Our products are designed in the same light and spirit, which made introducing this product all the more natural for us.

Preparation Considerations:

Please enjoy our culinary-grade matcha tea by whisking 1/2-1 tablespoon of powder to a splash of hot, but not boiling, water (about 1 tablespoon) in order to preserve nutritional compounds. Mix completely, adding more water if necessary. Combine your matcha mixture with warm, whisked milk or remaining hot water. Sweeten to taste.

Since this is culinary-grade matcha, which is slightly more bitter than ceremonial matcha, you can use this powder for baking, cooking, smoothies, and lattes. Each tablespoon of matcha powder contains approximately 25 mg of hemp-extract.

Servings: 14 servings at 3 oz per pouch