CBD, CBG, CBN Vape Flight

CBD, CBG, CBN Vape Flight

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Our cannabinoid-specific vape flight includes:

1 CBD cartridge - approx. 650mg CBD/ml
1 CBG cartridge - approx. 300mg CBG/ml
1 CBN cartridge - approx. 200mg CBN/ml

We're taking the "entourage effect" to the next level with our CBD, CBG, CBN Vape Flight. CBD is found in all three vapes but each vape has an enhanced, cannabinoid-specific profile based on intended use.

CBD: The main cannabinoid found in our formulations. CBD has shown promise as a modulator of the nervous system, specifically as potential tool to aid in relieving stress, anxiety, and depression.

CBG: CBG is the precursor cannabinoid of THC, CBD, and CBC. Preliminary studies show promising results of CBG acting not just as a neuroprotectant but also sharing many similar properties to CBD, showing potential for pain relief, anxiety/stress, and inflammation.

CBN: CBN is formed through degradation when Δ9-THC is exposed to oxygen, UV light, and heat. CBN is believed to induce sleep, but research on this rare cannabinoid is still developing.

Each vape contains only two ingredients: hemp-derived terpenes and cannabinoid-rich distillate

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