About Chicago Cannabis Company®

Chicago Cannabis Company was started on Chicago’s south side in 2019 as a worker-owned cooperative. Since our founding, our goal has been to produce high-quality, crafted cannabis products as well as strive to establish our company as a source of credible cannabis education.


Worker-Owned: As a worker-owned company, all candidates who are accepted into Chicago Cannabis Company have the potential to become owners of the company. The Members of Chicago Cannabis Company have chosen to form a worker cooperative because they believe that worker cooperatives contribute to a more just society and to more just and healthy workplaces.

Equity-Focused: Our mission is to build an inclusive cannabis cooperative and to provide economic opportunities for small farmers, disadvantaged communities, and Chicago’s neighborhoods that have been negatively impacted by “the war on drugs”. We are working with community organizations whose efforts are aligned with this mission and provide technical assistance and training in Disproportionately Impacted Areas.

Quality First: From developing high-quality products to sourcing from responsible suppliers, we take quality control seriously. We aim to be a good partner that can support Midwest farmers as we grow, providing our customers with high-quality, organically grown, and locally sourced cannabis products.

Cooperation & Collaboration: We bring a collaborative approach to our work. We practice self-management and promote community and local development. We work with other Chicago-based businesses to create unique, one-of-a-kind products.

CBD Oil & Other Cannabinoid-infused Products

Chicago Cannabis Company is proud to use some of the highest-quality cannabis extracts available on the market. We thoughtfully craft our selection of cannabis products and source high-quality ingredients. Non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, and CBG are a great option for those seeking to benefit from the cannabis plant's potential medicinal and therapeutic properties without getting high.

Hemp-derived CBD is non-intoxicating (less than 0.3% THC) and legal to purchase over-the-counter. You do not need a medical cannabis card to purchase hemp CBD products. Hemp-derived CBD will not get you high. Our CBD products are formulated using full spectrum hemp extract and refined, pure CBD.


Although CBD oil isn't a miracle cure all, I have seen huge improvements!

This is my "go to" company for CBD oil which is truly a life saver for me!

For me, CBD is immensely therapeutic for my general well-being.

Love that it's a Chicago based company.

The customer service was very personal and timely in answering any of my concerns.

Products are affordable and will definitely purchase again.

CBD Hemp Flower

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