Cannabis Education

A Contextual Guide To Cannabis Consumption

Learn more about our innovative approach to providing you cannabis consumption guidance.

Rethinking How We Consume Cannabis

Many people consume Cannabinoids for relaxation, meditation, fun, and even pain management. The good news is, you can now find products containing a variety of Cannabinoids, each having a unique effect; you're not just limited to THC products!

CBD Basics

We've been writing about CBD since 2018. Learn more about the basics.


Explore non-intoxicating Cannabinoids beyond CBD.

Too Much THC?

There are countless stories of people eating too many edibles, or getting paranoid from smoking too much weed, or feeling over-stimulated from a few puffs. Read more about balancing your consumption.

THC Dosing Chart

New to edibles? Learn more about ingesting cannabis edibles with our THC Dosing Chart.

CBD Dosing Chart

New to CBD? Learn more about CBD serving sizes with our CBD Dosing Chart.