Cannabis Flowers

Our flower collection features cannabis varieties rich in CBD and low in THC as well as varieties with high THCA. Explore our rotating, curated selection to enhance your cannabis experience.

Experience a creative spark and blissful relaxation

Full Spectrum of Effects

Experience the perfect cannabis flower to unlock your creativity or just relax. Our high-THCA varieties offer maximum effect and our high-CBD, low-THC varieties provide a gentle, comfortable experience. Get the perfect variety and let your worries fade away!

Variety of Potencies
Whether you're seeking a powerful effect or a comfy experience, there's a range of high THCA, high CBD, and low-THC options to choose from
Consciously Curated
Our carefully-selected varieties are selected for uniqueness, terpene profile, and overall quality not just THC content
Flavor and Aroma
Experience the unique flavor and aroma of our cannabis flowers, exploring beyond indica and sativa

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