DIY Cannabis Tincture


Step 1.  Purchase 1 ounce of cannabis flowers (at

Step 2a.  Place flowers into a glass mason jar (16 oz should do)

Step 2b.  Before placing flowers into the jar you can decarboxylate (heat up) the flowers to convert CBDa to CBD or THCa to THC. To decarb, heat up the flowers for 45-60 minutes at 245°F. This step will cause the alcohol tincture or extract to have intoxicating effects if the flowers contain THC.

Step 3.  Pour Everclear or other 190-200 proof alcohol over the flowers submerging them entirely

Step 4.  Close the lid and agitate the mixture slightly by shaking the jar

Step 5.  Let the mixture sit for as little as 30 minutes, a full day, or up to a few weeks. Cannabinoids (like CBD and THC) will dissolve in alcohol quickly. Longer soaking time generally results in more flavor but also more bitterness.

Step 6.  After soaking, strain the flower material by pouring the infused alcohol into a new mason jar through a coffee filter or fine mesh strainer to remove the flower material

Step 7a.  For alcohol-based tinctures, dilute the infused alcohol with distilled water to desired level of flavor and alcohol content (below 40% alcohol). 190 proof is 95% alcohol so a 2:1 water to alcohol ratio will bring your tincture to about 30% alcohol.

Step 7b.  To create an extract from the infused alcohol, evaporate the alcohol by heating the mixture up to 172°F until the desired amount of alcohol is evaporated. Using an electric hot plate or double boiler method is preferred (alcohol is flammable). Allow for ample ventilation.

Step 8.  Use your infused tincture sublingually or add it to a drink. Use your extract to create infused foods or take it straight for intense effects.