How to Roll a Joint

How to Roll a Joint

"Next to making a proper omelette or wiping your own ass, rolling a joint is an essential life skill for any self-respecting member of society." Anthony Bourdain

How to Roll a Cannabis Joint [Video]

So you're ready to roll your first joint. Yes, there are countless tutorials on "how to roll a cannabis joint" but you really just have to try it yourself. Your first joint is probably going to suck and that's OK.

Here's our quick, four-step guide to rolling a great joint:

Step 1. Prep It

  • Grind your weed
  • Prepare your filter and paper
  • Fill your paper evenly with weed


Step 2 & 3. The Finesse & Roll

  • Pack in the weed, make it neat
  • Do a few dry rolls to shape it up
  • Lick the sticky part and get ready to roll!


Step 4. The Twist

  • Pack down the weed slightly
  • Twist it up and enjoy!