Order THC Gummies & Drinks for Delivery in Chicago

Order THC Gummies & Drinks for Delivery in Chicago

THC Gummies & Drinks Delivered via DoorDash

post written by Alejandro Hernandez

It’s officially Summertime Chi, aka the best time of the year. That doesn't mean there still aren’t those hot, muggy days where trekking outside to the nearest dispensary feels like a marathon. Luckily, Doordash has recently solved that problem by adding hemp CBD and THC products as a category for delivery straight to your door thanks to the Farm Bill.

This is one of the latest updates to the app and it just might be an absolute game-changer. Having quality and legal edibles be dropped off wherever I am at feels almost too good to be true, so I had to try it out with some offerings from the Chicago Cannabis Company

Making the order was as simple as making any other food order you would on the app. For this particular day, I grabbed two different types of 10mg THC gummies– strawberry and blue raspberry– and two different beverages– Kush Party and High Pie, a collaboration with Marz Community Brewing Co.

The delivery arrived in a reasonable time frame, about 15-20 minutes from when the order was made. Starting off with the gummies, I tried one of each and was pleasantly surprised by their flavor, as there was no weedy aftertaste that I’ve come to expect with most dispensary varieties. Even better, the ingredients on the back were organic or naturally occurring as opposed to artificial flavors and dyes found in dispensary edibles as well. Despite only being 10 mgs per gummy, they certainly packed a punch as I felt a nice headband sensation after about 20-30 minutes. 

The gummies paired exceptionally well with the Kush Party seltzer water. This botanical elixir also had no type of off-putting aftertaste, instead tasting identical to slightly fizzy lemon water. The effects began to trickle down from the crown of my head into a relaxing, but still mentally active state. Like the gummies, the back of the can revealed a shortlist of natural ingredients which translated into a light, refreshing beverage with zero calories and zero sugar, making it a great option for those who enjoy ingesting their THC, but perhaps have dietary restrictions. 

The real star of this show though was the High Pie shrub soda, wowing me with a flavor that was a perfect replication of delicious apple pie. Unlike the Kush Party seltzer and gummies that were 10 mg of THC, the High Pie had 25mg in a single can, definitely making it a heavier dose. I split a can with a buddy of mine before we went out for dinner together, and even with a half dosage, the high came through with a warming full-body sensation. By the time we got home, I admittedly felt so cozy that I comfortably knocked out within minutes of sitting on the couch. This is an easy recommendation for fans of apple cider, or apple-flavored anything really. 

Earlier, I mentioned how it felt too good to be true that I was able to enjoy all these products without even having to step outside, but I am here to attest that it is real. Even accounting for Doordash’s delivery fees, the total still came out to be lower than if I were to purchase the same amount of drinks and gummies from one of the local dispensaries near me.

That is why I believe the addition of the hemp category on the app is a true game-changer, because I will definitely be going to the app first before checking out a dispensary’s edible menu moving forward.