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CBD Oils

Our CBD oils are made from organically grown hemp, infused with certified organic ingredients, and contain no artificial additives. Hemp-derived CBD is non-intoxicating (less than 0.3% THC) and legal to purchase over-the-counter. Hemp-derived CBD will not get you high.

Most CBD oils are a simple mixture of crude hemp extract or isolate with MCT oil—they tend to taste bitter or flavorless and are not particularly enjoyable. We wanted to create a more sophisticated formula, something healthy yet tasty. This is how our CBD oils came to be.

Omega-3 deficiency in our bodies diminishes our cannabinoid receptors' ability to function properly. It is important to incorporate omega-3 into our diets–not only to remain healthy and balanced but also for better CBD absorption. The combination of omega-3 fatty acids and our unique blend of terpenes can help increase the bioavailability of CBD, or the body's ability to absorb CBD, and prolong the potential theraputic effects of CBD.

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