Cannabis Consumption Contextual Guide

Our contextual guide is an innovative approach to cannabis consumption, one that is focused more on the consumer rather than a specific product. This document has been informed by our anecdotal experience. It's meant to provide insights and guidance for new and experienced consumer alike.

Manage Your Expectations

Most people are looking for a specific effect when consuming a cannabis product. However, it’s important not to treat cannabis like a pharmaceutical drug. It will often take some self-experimentation to figure out what works best for you to achieve the result you are looking for.

Many Factors Affect Your Experience

From consumption method to mood and setting, there are many factors involved in how we feel after taking a dose of Cannabinoids (e.g. THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, etc.). Instead of attempting to establish a one-size-fits all for consuming cannabis products, a contextual approach, one that focuses on the consumer versus the product, is likely more appropriate. Let’s explore our decision-making matrices to find what find of cannabis product might work best for you.

First, establish your baseline:

Are you new to Cannabis or experienced?

Welcome! You’ll enjoy our guide to consuming Cannabis.

Great! You’ve tried a few different consumption methods and Cannabinoid potencies and you have started to narrow down what works for you. Our guide will further inform you on your journey.

Right on. You know exactly what you like and how much you need at any given time to achieve the effects you’re looking for.


Consider how you're feeling and how you'd like to feel today

Your current mood and biochemistry will have an affect on how you may feel after consuming cannabis.

How would you like to feel?

I'm sensitive to THC:
Try a low dose of THC and high dose of CBD for more calming effects.

I don't mind getting a little high:
Higher doses of THC may be more stimulating than you'd like. For a mellow experience take THC in lower doses.

I usually take a low dose of THC:
A low dose of THC will generally have mild effects. If you're looking for more stimulation try  a higher dose.

I don't mind taking a high dose of THC:
A larger dose of THC will stimulate the brain receptors more, which will increase the euphoric effects of THC. If you're already in a good mood a higher dose of THC will usually enhance what you're already feeling

I prefer taking edibles:
Most people will feel strong effects of THC after ingesting 10-20mg. Start there and work your way up.

I prefer smoking/vaping:
Smoke a whole joint, take a few bong hits, or puff on your vape until desired effects are achieved :)

How are you feeling right now?

I would like to be sleepy:
Drowsiness is a common adverse effect of consuming THC. After feeling high” you may feel more tired. You can also try a high dose of CBD for relaxation or CBN for more drowsiness.

I need a pick-me-up:
Consider consuming caffeine along with THC or a low THC edible with sugar.

THC usually makes me feel more relaxed:
Consider balancing your THC consumption with CBD or CBG for enhanced relaxation.

THC usually makes my mind race:
Higher doses of THC tend to bring on adverse effects such as anxiety or paranoia. Take lower doses of THC when you are feeling stressed and try balancing with higher doses of CBD and CBG.

Lower doses of THC are more suitable for me:
Microdose THC for a functional and social high.

I can tolerate high doses of THC and still have fun:
Consume responsibly ;)


How strong would you like the effects to be and how quickly would you like to feel them?

Consider that consumption methods will have either short or long onset times.

How intense would you like the effects to be?

For gentle effects:

• Look for “microdose” edibles (2-5mg)

• Look for high CBD (15-18%) flowers

• Consider consuming an oil with a higher dose of CBD and trace amounts of THC

• Consider microdosing with a THC ingestible oil

For mellow effects:

• Look for edibles with 5-10mg THC

• Look for low THC (5-8%) flowers

• Take small puffs of a THC vape

• Consider microdosing with a THC ingestible oil

For stronger effects:

• Try taking a few 10mg THC edibles

• Look for high THC (20%) flowers

• Smoke a whole joint or blunt/Use a bong

• Take many puffs of a THC vape

• Try smoking hash or kief

For heavy effects:

• Try taking multiple 25mg THC edibles

• Look for high THC (20%+) flowers

• Try dabbing cannabis concentrates

• Incorporate high doses of CBD, CBG, and CBN for enhanced effects

How soon would you like to feel the effects?

These consumption methods will have the fastest onset time (effects will be felt quickly):

1. Inhaling (smoking or vaping)

2. Edible/beverage with nano-sized particle infusion

• Look for cannabis flowers, pre-rolled joints, or vape cartridges for inhaling.

• Look for “fast acting” edibles that dissolve in your mouth and contain a nanosized formulation.

These consumption methods will have a slower onset time (effects will take longer to set in):

1. Infused oils taken orally

2. Most edibles

• Look for cannabis oils and edibles made for ingestion.


Learn more about your THC tolerance

In other words, consider your level of sensitivity to THC and experience with adverse effects.

How's your THC sensitivity?

Ingesting a small (<5mg) amount of THC results in pleasant effects for me:

Look for “microdose” edibles (2-5mg)

Inhaling THC (smoking/vaping) results in intense effects for me:

Look for low THC (5-8%) flowers

Ingesting a medium amount (10-20mg) of THC results in pleasant effects for me. I feel comfortable after smoking most THC flowers but occasionally feel overwhelmed:

Look for 10mg edibles or try balanced THC flowers with 10-15% THC and some CBD

Ingesting a medium amount (30-50mg) of THC results in pleasant effects for me and potential adverse effects are tolerable:

Look for 25mg edibles and higher potency edibles

I enjoy smoking high potency (THC) weed:

The selection is usually vast! Enjoy

Research is still developing but one hypothesis is that people with overactive enzymes in their digestive system break down THC into a non-intoxicating compound very quickly and therefore do not intensely feel the intoxicating effects of THC.

It might be best to stick with inhaling. Look for highly-concentrated oils for ingestion (e.g. RSO) or try to make your own high potency edibles.

What is your experience with adverse effects?

Take it slow:

• Start with a lower dose of THC and use higher doses of CBD to help counteract the less desirable effects of THC.

• Consider consuming Delta 8 THC, which stimulates your brain receptors less than Delta 9 THC.

Seek balance:

• Seek out more balanced cannabis varieties with lower THC concentration for milder yet pleasant effects.

• Consume cannabinoids like CBD and CBG along with THC for a more holistic experience.

You’re lucky! Stay elevated and take good care of those neurotransmitters.

Finally, how important is it to know your dosage?

It's easier to dose accurately with some methods than others.

How important is knowing your dose?

These consumption methods will have the highest degree of dosing accuracy:

1. Edibles

2. Infused Oils (Tinctures)

Look for edibles that offer consistently accurate doses and use a calibrated dropper for dosing oils.

These consumption methods will have a lower degree of dosing accuracy:

1. Inhalation
a. Smoking Flower
b. Vaporizing Oil

You can get a rough estimate of your dose by weighing out your flower when consuming. Vaporizing technology is still advancing.

It sounds like you have some experience! You don’t always know your dose and you’re comfortable pushing the limits. You also may not experience strong adverse effects if you “overdo it”.

Check out pop-up events and look for vendors outside of the state-regulated commercial market. The world is your oyster. Have fun!

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