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Chicago Cannabis Company

Chicago Cannabis Company was started on Chicago’s south side in 2019 as a worker-owned cooperative by our founding members. Since our founding, our goal has been to produce high-quality, crafted cannabis products as well as strive to establish our company as a source of credible cannabis education.

As a worker-owned company, all candidates who are accepted into Chicago Cannabis Company have the potential to become owners of the company. Our mission is to build an inclusive cannabis cooperative by providing economic opportunities for small farmers, disadvantaged communities, and Chicago’s neighborhoods that have been negatively impacted by “the war on drugs”. Responding to a need to build equity in the cannabis industry, Chicago Cannabis Company is actively working with community organizations whose efforts are aligned with this mission.

Building Equity Through Worker-Ownership

The Members of Chicago Cannabis Company have chosen to form a worker cooperative because they believe that worker cooperatives contribute to a more just society and to more just and healthy workplaces. To build an inclusive, equitable company, the Members agree to uphold the following principles and practices in their business:

  • At least 50% of the Members of CCC shall be persons from one of the groups described below: Part of CCC’s mission is to provide opportunities to individuals from historically disadvantaged groups. To accomplish this, CCC shall strive towards having 50% of its members be individuals that are Equity Applicants, Individuals from Disproportionately Impacted Areas, and Socially or Economically disadvantaged communities.

Introduction to Cooperative Principles

Can the cooperative model be applied to the cannabis industry? We think so. Cooperatives are based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. Cooperative businesses exist to meet their members' needs; they are user-owned, user-controlled, and user-benefiting.

In a worker cooperative model, worker members invest in and own the business together. Workers own the business and they participate in its financial success on the basis of their labor contribution to the cooperative. In a worker cooperative, capital and resources are raised by the worker cooperative members themselves. Decision-making is democratic, adhering to the principle of one-member one-vote.

We are currently recruiting potential candidates for membership, prioritizing equity applicants.


If you have skills or resources that could help us grow the company, and you are interested in joining us, fill out our form by following the link below and we will follow up with you promptly.

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