Meet the Team

Chicago Cannabis Co. 

We created Chicago Cannabis Company with the intent to:

- Re-frame our collective perspective on cannabis, not to approach the plant as segregated from other medicinal herbs but one whose many compounds can be incorporated into complex herbal medicines, tinctures, tablets, and other traditional remedies

- Reintroduce the word "cannabis” back into our daily vocabulary

- Provide economic opportunities for small farmers, disadvantaged communities, and Chicago's neighborhoods that have been negatively impacted by "the war on drugs"

    How we are different from traditional corporations:

    100% worker-owned
    Self-funded and independent

    Tomasz Gliszewski
    Founding Member

    Tom is a strategic thinker with a passion for creativity and innovation. Tom understands how to drive an organization’s growth initiatives and facilitates projects of CCC's multi-disciplinary team. He also directs the company's marketing strategy, while using a collaborative approach to business and entrepreneurship. He believes education leads to responsible consumption and that complete decriminalization and some de-regulation of cannabis is crucial so that everyone can benefit equally. He strongly believes in building equity in the cannabis industry and is dedicated to building fruitful partnerships in the community.

    Founding Member

    Nicollette has a passion for education, community outreach, and informing consumers about safe and responsible cannabis consumption. She looks forward to coordinating with communities to educate people on the many uses of cannabis through event planning and facilitating informative sessions. What Nicollette loves most about the cannabis community is its foundations in compassionate care and the community’s goals of inclusivity. She believes women and people of color should be equally represented and valued, not just as consumers of cannabis, but also as leaders of the industry. She strives to live and share a holistic, natural lifestyle and that is reflected in the products she helps produce. She plans to take a hands-on approach in driving the company’s outreach mission and is eager to continue learning more about cannabis cultivation and the plant’s medicinal properties.